For me, Elation means more than just producing unique swimwear. It is an exciting adventure that requires confidence and motivation.

Growing up on the East Coast of Australia, I soon found my home in the sea. There isn’t a day that goes by where my main priority is to get into the ocean, as it is a vital element to my happiness and wellbeing. When I’m in the water I feel completely free, secure and an overwhelming calmness washes over me. I have immense gratitude towards what the ocean has given me in this respect and I cannot resist to stay away. The ocean is where creativity is flared and inspiration runs free. 

I have always been interested in fashion. Growing up I would dream of having my own label but never truly believed it would manifest into reality. Since leaving school I have worked full-time as an assistant surf shop manager, travelled and pursued university studies. It was the year I started to study an environmental science degree where I decided to change my focus and start my own environmentally conscious fashion brand. I decided to put my love for surfing, the ocean and fashion into somewhere where I could express my knowledge on protecting our Earth. 

And then Elation was created… for the women who feel at home in the sea!